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ThreeSixty Group, a leading global product development company that owns a range of brands including Sharper Image and FAO Schwarz recently relocated to the Octa Tower in Hong Kong. Studio X designed the workspace with the intent to enhance collaboration, innovation, and foster creativity. The office features biophilic elements, interrelated spaces, and art illustrations that captures the company’s philosophy and the spirit of Hong Kong. Overall, the new and dynamic layout provides more capacity and flexibility to the working space, consumer product showroom, and prototype retail store.

Studio X appointed JEB Partitions as their preferred partitions partner for this project to modify and enhance the workspace. The objective was to use an elegant and slimline partitions system that could not only maximise the breathtaking panoramic sea view of the Victoria Harbour and the access of natural light of the office location but to also provide an acoustic barrier for meeting rooms. The Summit partitions system is able to meet the technical and aesthetic requirements and was chosen for the installation.

Curved glass partitions were used to add a welcoming touch and transparency in the showroom. Distinctive in its own nature, curved glass partitions deliver a contemporary outlook to the office space. Carefully-crafted single glazed doors were installed throughout all meeting rooms to enhance spatial quality and to preserve the acoustic value.

Every aspect of the project has been custom designed, with ThreeSixty Group and its employees being placed in the centre of every decision made in the design process. The new office design aligns with the transition of the company’s approach, shifting away from traditional enclosed desk systems to a semi-open workplace that encourages social interaction and collaboration.

The beauty of the Summit partitions complements the success of the overall design, generating a stunning and contemporary approach to the workspace. Studio X and ThreeSixty Group are delighted with the results delivered by JEB Partitions and look forward to working together again in the future.

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Design Firm: Studio X

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